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Veterans Day


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Nov 4, 2011
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First, THANKS to all you Veterans out there! :wave:

I'll be celebrating Veterans Day with friends and Veterans from all over the country later this week.

As a Corvette owner also, I am aware of many of the groups and events that pair up Veterans and Vettes. Of course, "Vets-n-Vettes," "Vettes-4-Vets," "Vettes-to-Vets" and "Vets with Vettes" just seem to roll off the tongue. So, I got to wondering if anyone had created a "Vets and V's" group or event yet. Google didn't come up with anything.

Someone ought to look into something like that or at least including V series Cadillacs with the Vettes for Veterans Day stuff.
Vets-n-Vettes & Vs - I think that sounds pretty good also.

While I'm thinking about "V" words, get out and VOTE today.
Wow! Gone for a week and no new posts here. Not a good sign.

The wife and I returned from our Vette road trip a couple of days ago. Between the drive out to Kentucky and Alabama and the return trip, we did 3 short road trips and 2 parades in the Vette while out. I drove a couple of members of the Wounded Warriors group around last Thursday in Kentucky - some nice twisty roads around Bowling Green. While it was around 45 degrees both agreed to drive top down and both seemed to really enjoy the ride.

Met the VetswithVettes group in Huntsville, Alabama and they are a really good group. It rained on the Veteran's Day parade but the citizens of Huntsville and surrounding area really turned out for the parade. That was wonderful support for our Veteran's. If I said something like "Thanks for coming out." I'd get a response like "NO, thank you for your service." That was real nice.

Now back to the regularly scheduled activity here.

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