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I have an order in with a dealer in PA since Sept at MSRP. My build has no C/F and the 2800 seats. Are you saying you have availability for a 5BW order? If so, I placed a $2000- deposit with the dealer in PA, am I able to do this with you?

Frankfast, odd question: Do you hire college students for summer work?

I have a daughter that loves building and constructing things. She's a Mech Eng student at Tech. She's looking for internships. She's familiar with 3D printing, CNC, etc. She also like sculpting. She just likes making stuff, period.
This is in regard to this post:
Bought my V in April 2019 with 115 k miles.
I now have 187k on. Two sets of tires, driveshaft rebuild, front brakes, battery and about $14,500 in premium fuel.
Starter finally went before this winter's hibernation time. Sub zero here in Minnesota but, were going on the flat bed tomorrow for the refresher, this weekend.
Starter, preventative Supercharger rebuild, all coils, plugs and an oil change.
Trying to get my order number updated
New to this and have an order sitting at 3400 broadcast. trying to find out what it means..CT5 Blackwing
Just curious, my order seemed to drop off the list... oversight? or just too many to track? The last EDD was bumped from 12/22 to 12/31... (vin 810225)
You're at 5000 arrived at dealer
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