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22 CT5V Blackwing. Yesterday, 2/28/23
I was driving on a 2 lane road. 55 mph and the engine just quit. No warning, no flashing lights. Nothing. It just quit. I was able to coast to a roadside parking spot.
Unable to start. Then I got an email from the car telling me that the battery was dead. Smelled faint electrical overheat. Suspect alternator fried itself. Car was transported to Sewell. Stay tuned.
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Hoping the car situation is getting solved Captain! For a smile if I may, the rotate speed at 55mph just wasn't enough? I sincerely hope you are made whole with this. KUP if you will. Take care Sir!
I would like to have my order# added to the Blackwing Order Tracking.
Let me know if anything else is required.
Oh yeah,,, pretty please ROB?
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