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Reviewing the multiple threads...looking for a place to advertise a new set or wheels and tires from my previous 2015 CTS that I traded in for the 2018 ATS-V. Wheels don't fit but was also wondering if I could stuff the 245/40x18 onto compatible rims and still fit without rubbing? Any help?
just purchased a 13000 mile 2007 cts-v but would not test drive it or bring it home until tires are replaced. three of the tires show extreme tread separation. any ideas on why tread is separated. I know its ten years old but did not think tires could be in such bad shape I selected bf Goodrich g-force comp-2 a/s tires for replacement. I hope this is a wise choice. sorry if a posted this in wrong forum but would like any info possible
One of you guys or gals probably know what LS motor is in my 2014 supercharged CTSV. I don't think is it direct injection because it looks like the injectors at in the intake manifold. Also, has anyone heard anything about unstable carrier or control arm shifting issues. Thanks 80vette
Hi Rob, wanted to see if you could help me. I have a black/black 2016 V, and bought it without the carbon fiber package. I bought the carbon fiber front spoiler using a aftermarket friend of mines connection at his local dealer. Is it possible to put it on my bumper? I ask, cuz it looks like the spoiler is detachable, but the front splitter under the bottom mesh is fused....not sure how that would come off to make room for the carbon fiber spoiler. No one seems to know. I don't want to get it, and they can't put it on. Cadillac said there is only one bumper for the V, so it should fit.
Jump in to the threads somewhere and say howdy to the rest of the V-Net members to let them know you're here.
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