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I may be interested in your dive planes and wing. What would shipping cost be to send to 49316?
Yikes, sorry I missed this until now. I will work up a quote for you!
I'd combine them into the box the wing came in, which is 61" x 13" x 13" and 10lbs. UPS Ground from Atlanta to Caledonia MI is showing at $118.

I'd be happy to work out a deal taking into account the expensive shipping, so feel free to make me an offer. Thanks!
Hi Rob
Don't see any Canadian Blackwings in the registry. Not entering them?
hey man, i see you are in MD. Let's connect soon! I barely see any BW's in the area.
Haha. I like the yellow. I saw that color on a Chevy Blazer last July because 24s were not out yet. I liked it. Yes, I was going to place an order on a IS500 and one BW popped up in Virginia. Guy walked away from his order as his wife passed. I test drove it and immediately placed an order at Annapolis in September.
Around December I got nervous because everything on the lots were fully loaded and I didn't want carbon packages so I placed my order with 2 more dealership. Annapolis got an allocation. I ordered the coastal blue with red calipers. I am so excited. Both dealerships called me last week as they still didn't get allocation but trying to find that blue and can't. I am assuming it will be a rare color.
The Blue should be pretty. Looking online I see mostly Black and Red BW's. Did you test drive the IS500? I did right before driving the BW and there was no comparison. The IS500 looked good, was comfortable and sounded awesome but was disappointing when I floored it.
good afternoon.
I see you're in the Atlanta area. Can i ask where you get your BW serviced?
I purchased my CT5vBW at Jim Ellis in December & didn't have a good service experience a few weeks ago.
i'm considering Capital or Classic Cadillac. Any experience with either?
Patrick Carey
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Well shit, I bought my 5BW from Jim Ellis, and have continued to have it serviced there. Fine so far, for me, but haven't had anything major done. No experience at other Cadillac dealers, this is the first Cadillac I've ever owned--first GM actually!

What happened with your service experience??

You can also reach me at tblooming@gmail.com, maybe easier to stay in touch.

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