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  • In case you haven't noticed, I've got a book in print - see my avatar. It's available on-line at Barnes&Noble and Amazon.
    Buy my book and help make me famous. ;)
    Yes I know exactly where Toney is! Lol yes a very small world. I live in Athens now but live most of my life in Elkmont. Hope you enjoy visit. Maybe I can soon post pics!
    Thank you! Close to Huntsville ! I did find one that a dealer ordered in Arkansas ! Should be in in a month!
    Back again. So as long as you don't crack it up or wear it out, you let me know if you ever decide to sell that wagon! I would really love a red manual shift, does it also have the Recaro ?sp? seats? I have decided against buying one for now. We spend the winter in Florida, and here in Canada we have 5 classic cars, we both have Harleys plus I have my XLR to drive & my hubby's truck so seriously I don't need another car. WANT-yes, but don't need it. Besides we are insurance poor...Cdn auto insurance is high! My daughter seems to have possession of my Grand Prix and I am not even missing it. Anyway, you enjoy MY car while it is still yours! :wink:
    Just visited, and dropping a line as requested. :)

    Actually haven't got my CTS-V yet (only 4 days to go...). Loving some of your posts, check out my intro... and let me know if you know of anything great (not just driving roads or tracks) around Houston area... or anywhere else, for that matter!
    ...:frown:...I have not been on this site for a while......obviously! I just got your message. I decided to back burner the whole deal for while. I have my 2009 XLR to keep me happy (Nope, not a V) an 06 Grand Prix as my daily driver that is absolutely trouble free with 60,000 miles on the odometer, plus we have a collecton of classic cars I also drive in the summer........and then we winter in Florida. Sounds lke a perfect life for a V-wagon ...except when we head south I usually leave my car for my daugter to drive as they only have one car. I love my daughter but NO WAY am I going to leave her that car to have to sit outside in the snow (no garage) and have my darling granddaughters kick the back seat with their snowy boots. :lol: I have not made up my mind what will I will buy other than a Cadillac but my son-in-law just got a better job and perhaps they will afford another car and take that issue out of the equation! Looks like you have the wagon of my dreams.....is it a manual or automatic?
    Hi to all you visitors! Drop a line when you visit. I actually check my profile page just to see if somebody does leave me a message.
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