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Community Feedback Needed! Apex Wheels Project ML-10 Survey

Apex Wheels

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Jul 17, 2023

Some of you may have already seen the reveal of this project on our instagram, but we wanted to reach out to the Cadillac community on the forums as well to collect feedback about the development of a new wheel design.​

Project ML-10 Background:

After Josh, one of our Senior Product Engineers installed a widebody kit on his race car project, he had to design a custom set of wheels to fit his extreme application. Originally a one off project, when he showed the team what he created, we were floored. And our community was too when we shared a picture on Instagram and Facebook.

We’ve made it an official project, but to make this wheel a reality, we need you to decide on some of the details by taking our survey.​

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I love the traditional cross-spoke look.

But I hate the flush look of OEM wheels where this is no lip. I can't find the details now, but I was able to find a nice cross-spoke design with a very nice ~4" lip for my 5th-gen Camaro.

I know chrome is out of style, but nobody wants the lip anymore either ? Even back then, all OEM wheels had the same look where the wheel center was flush with the outside of the rim, but many aftermarket options were still able to create that look without goofy offsets that made them stick outside the fenders.
Gave my $.02
Done! Thanks for seeking for our feedback.

+1 on lip, no spacers, no rings.
I agree on better fitment so no spacers or hub-centric rings but I don't need a lip if there is some concavity. My last set of custom wheels have lips that are great for holding brake dust.

Forgeline makes great concave/lipped wheels but they are often $1500+/wheel.
I feel like these cars need some sort of lip. Every aftermarket wheel I've seen with a lip on these cars enhances the look 10 fold
Its just hard to do since these damn cars have a weird offset mismatch. You can get all the lips in the front but not in the rear. You can go lower than +20 up front but the rears are in the upper 40s/low 50s.

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