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25 5BW Coming


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Feb 26, 2024
New member...... Thanks Rob!

I'm retired and live in Bluffton SC which is just off Hilton Head. Spent my life in Ohio.

I am coming from the Corvette world. I've owned a 5, 6 7 generations Corvette each of which were manuals. My 16 Zo6 was my favorite and I kick myself for selling that one. I have a Chevy dealer who has taken great care of me and had 3C8s. 2 coupes and a Vert. I've tried to love the automatic transmission, it is truly a work of art, an engineering marvel, but I cannot love it like the manuals. Plus there are c8s everywhere, which is good for GM but I don't want to see me everywhere I drive.

I got on a MSRP list with an Cadillac dealer I bought cars from .... two years ago, and he just cannot get an allocation. Research lead me to Lockhart Cadillac in Indiana and talking to them sounds like they can get me a '25 and are at MSRP. Hopefully they will not add on any dealer options or fees! Salesman said they get good allocations.

C8 prices are sliding and last November I decided while waiting I'd pick up a 24 CT5 and bought it at Henessey in Atlanta. Great folks to deal with on the CT5 but....... unfortunately add around 15K in dealer options to a BW, $7,500 for a radar/lidar system.... don't need that on the track.

That manual transmission is driving my purchase. Frankly I wish they offered it in a base V version but that's not the case. The V6 twin turbo I have in the base car is pretty good but that 10 speed auto while super smooth is always shifting!!!

Pretty certain I will order the new green color. I think I can live with the facelift and new interior.

Have gotten some good tips here already look forward to more!

That's a new ADM I've never seen before. What is the LIDAR for, are you trying to detect wind shear?
As long as you are good out of state, check with Sewell Cadillac of Dallas Tx. They have a reputation for great customer service. Besides, a trip to Texas would let you get some great Texas Barbecue.

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