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  • 3/28/23. I got my 5BW back today, 3 weeks after the engine failed. The engine had come apart on the inside. Connecting rods, bearings, etc all trash. Metal pieces in the oil. Starter burned up. Battery beyond recharge. Sewell Cadillac installed new engine, starter, battery et al.
    Alls well that ends well.
    22 CT5V Blackwing. Yesterday, 2/28/23
    I was driving on a 2 lane road. 55 mph and the engine just quit. No warning, no flashing lights. Nothing. It just quit. I was able to coast to a roadside parking spot.
    Unable to start. Then I got an email from the car telling me that the battery was dead. Smelled faint electrical overheat. Suspect alternator fried itself. Car was transported to Sewell. Stay tuned.
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    Hoping the car situation is getting solved Captain! For a smile if I may, the rotate speed at 55mph just wasn't enough? I sincerely hope you are made whole with this. KUP if you will. Take care Sir!
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