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What did you do to your Blackwing today?

Heat gun and fishing line to get the original lip off?
Yes, a hair dryer and I did buy some 50LB line. I only had 12LB at my home and it kept breaking. My son helped me, and having him gently lift up on the spoiler as I sliced through made it very easy. Attaching a photo of the trunk liner in case anyone wants to see that. One of my clips did detach from the liner, but it tacked on very easily with a glue gun.

20230108_075407 - Copy.jpg
Installed mud flaps! Pretty easy as it's stick-on and looks pretty neat, if I say so myself.
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For anyone on the fence about ordering The Original Carbon Guards for the CT4, here are some pictures. Install was a bit nerve wracking because of the double sided tape and how sticky it was once it was tacked, but I really like the overall look of them with both the front and rear installed. My only complaint is that the edges aren't really sealed, so they look matte and unfinished. However, normal people just looking at the car probably wouldn't even notice. I also included a picture of the black plastic fronts that came installed from the factory for comparison.


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IMG_8498 c.jpg

Installed a no-drill front license plate mount from Sly Brackets, with the optional "License Plate Leveler".

Was inspired by how well it worked on KatyTxCT5V 's 5BW in this thread.

I don't hate it.

The car looks way better without it, of course. But I think this looks better than the OEM mount because it does not overlap the bottom line of the upper grill.
I didn’t do it, but apparently someone doesn’t like me having nice things and decided to mod my car…

Walked out to my car after work today.
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That fucking blows, I'd be out for blood considering that it was at your place of employment. I take it no cameras and nobody saw a thing. If you find the culprit and need help disposing of remains,......
I'm so sorry. I agree that it looks like a straight truck. Too square and high. Check around for cameras and maybe see if your company had a delivery that day. That's three for you and they say things happen in threes.

People really suck!
That looks like a delivery vehicle backed into you. I'd be sure to keep my eyes peeled for them to return. Look for some of your paint on their bumpers.
Oh man... that fucking sucks. 😢

Anything mechanical damaged in the engine bay, or is it just the hood?
No mechanical, hood, trim, grille, and some of the grille supports. I am pretty sure the core support was untouched. I was able to drive it home, but obviously the hood was howling.

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