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Apr 24, 2013
Cleveland, Ohio
V-Series Cadillac(s)?
2009 CTS-V Sedan
Hi everyone....I live in Cleveland, Ohio and am on my 2nd "V" (2004 and 2009). I consider myself a huge fan of the car and really looking forward to the 3rd generation version. I have heard the V3 will have 630HP and be 200 to 300LBS lighter. I don't know about you, but nothing makes me feel better than MB and BMW guy knowing he does not want any part of a Cadillac on the street or track. KEEP RAISING THE BAR CADILLAC!!!! As long as you do, I will always remain a loyal customer.
Nice one, Dave (sorry for the abbreviation - Aussies struggle to say "David" - let me know if it bugs you)! Just grabbed my first V recently. Loving it so far. And yeah, awesome to pull up next to a BMW or Merc and just let fly... even the M series or AMG tuned versions. Mostly. :) Managed to show my perfectly sculpted angular American car butt to two Germans' funny fenders so far.
David or Dave works for me. Thanks for welcoming me into the group! Should be a good time.

I had a 2004 V1 also. Good car in most ways. :wink:

The Audi guys cringe also when they see the "V" logo on the car. It's nice to kick a few butts with a Cadillac - especially a wagon. :lol:

Given that the Vsport is 3950 or so pounds, I would not expect the V3 to be much lighter than 4000. That's still about 200 less than the current V. I'd like to see a dry sump engine in the new V3 when it comes out to make it better for track days.

No matter to me as I'm probably stuck with my V Wagon for a while longer unless I win the lottery. Then again, being stuck with a V Wagon ain't no bad thing either. :biggrin:

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