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  • That's the "wrong" side of town for me. Didn't spend much time in that part of town.
    My old Corvette club down there (San Jacinto Corvette Club) used to hold meeting at the IBEW building on the south side of 610 by the Lowes and Ella Blvd. They may still use that building.

    My wife worked on Galveston Island, so living south of town was important.
    Living in Heights for the moment. Reminds me of some older Melbourne suburbs that have turned hipster / bohemian (notably Brunswick and Fitzroy - for those who know Melbourne).

    Oh, and if you didn't know, Heights are north and a touch west of downtown (about 5 miles or so), wedged between Katy Fwy and 610.

    What part of Houston? It's a big town. Used to live in Santa Fe area south of Houston.
    Hey all, I'm new in the US from Australia. Looking to thoroughly enjoy my time here... and the CTS-V is part 1 of the plan. Any tips for maximising part 1, including maintaining it and where to drive it, feel free to leave it here.

    By the by, Gonzo was my nickname back at college (big nose and all that), hence the profile pick and the little dude in my CTS-V on the avatar.
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