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ATTENTION: General Warning for Blackwing Flippers

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Nov 3, 2011
New Hampshire
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I'm just going to post this once as a general warning for either current members, or anyone thinking of joining these forums just to have me track your Blackwing Orders for the sole purpose of you turning around, flipping it, and padding your own wallet...


I get that it's your money, and your car and we all live in the land of Capitalism - but when you pull that shit - and GM finds out about it - which they can and do - you put the dealership you bought that car from - in jeopardy because it goes against the franchise agreement that the dealer has with General Motors.

When GM finds out you flipped the car - your name and full contact information goes on GM's Exporter List - which every GM dealer is supposed to check prior to you ordering a new vehicle. Once you land on that list - good luck buying another new GM product in the future.

If I find out anyone here is just using me to track their orders to help plan their flip - I'll shut the whole tracking system down so fast, it's not even funny.

A couple members here have done that...and yes, I know who you are...don't think I won't contact your selling dealer and notify them...

I'm not offering my free services just so you can make a f***ing buck...
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