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Winter tires


Oct 16, 2012
V-Series Cadillac(s)?
CTS V and ATS V on the wish list
Anybody making the switch to winter tires in this nasty mid-west winter we've had? If so, do you notice a big difference?
Not me. If I did, I'd have to have a different set of wheels also so I could get the tire/wheel combination right.
Then again, the few days a year I could really use snow tires on my V wouldn't justify that expense. From now on, when it snows here, I just call in sick and stay home.
When it snows here, I just call in sick and stay home.

Didn't call in sick but did stay home all morning - 1/2 inch of powder everywhere this morning - Pilot Super Sport tires just won't work, even on that. By 11 AM the streets were wet as the sun came out. So here I am at work.

Should have stayed home for what good I'm doing here.

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