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new to forum, enjoying 2023 CT4V BW for 6 months


Dec 19, 2023
V-Series Cadillac(s)?
2023 Cadillac CT4V-BW
Hello to all, I finally registered with the forum. I have enjoyed my 2023 Midnight Steel Metallic 4 BW with M6 for 6 months, even in slow city traffic daily. I have had manual shift VW Jettas for over 20 years and was surprised they no longer make them. The Cadillac is a dream come true. I really love the blue color and enjoyed the look after washing it every week in the summer. We have had no snow yet here but I worry about finding a place to wash it this winter. I switched out my tires to all season Michelin Pilot Sport 4S for the winter and I am actually looking forward to the first snow fall
Welcome. I too have a MT Midnight Steel metallic (2024). Picked it up in Atlanta and drove it home to DC area about 3 weeks ago. Right now its being ceramic coated. window tint and front PPF...been in the shop since last Thursday and I'm getting ancy to get it back. (soon now)

After much difficulty I was able to work with my tire shop to source some Michelin Alpine snows that I'll be putting on the stock (black) wheels and I've got a set of Apex bronze wheels due in sometime in January and will mount the summer stock Pilots on them.

Glad you've been enjoying yours...I have about 850 miles on mine - about 700+ miles just on the drive up...(then caught a cold) so I really haven't gotten to drive it much yet...

I still have my MK VI GTI (big turbo stage 3) which I love. Jetta (particularly with the manual) is a great car...though not quite a 4 BW. Though my GTI actually seems quicker...

I was concerned about wheel/tire clearance from other comments on this site, with non-stock wheels, so I bought a set of the same Polished Alloy/Dark Android stock wheels from Cadillac and had the all-season Michelin Pilot mounted on the same wheel style by the dealer. Now I can just switch them out come spring time. I was hoping that there might be a new wheel style for 2024. To my eyes, I always liked a little shiney chrome to my wheels (even if it was painted plastic VW Jetta wheel covers). I would be interested in seeing pictures of the black and bronze wheels on the Midnight Steel Metallic. I'm glad I did the ceramic coating, but no tinted windows.
It works and looks great. I've always been a fan of switching out wheels summer and winter (and with dedicated snow tires). We have a few cars so I have literately stacks of wheels in our garage.

We;re doing Kavca ceramic tint - very lightest - will hardly notice at all I think...strictly for UV protection. Picking up the car tomorrow so will see how it looks. I'll take some new pics at some point. The Bronze Apex don't come in until January and probably wont go on the car until March-April after threat of snow has passed.
I had the Sonax ceramic coating applied by a local hand car wash garage in may, 2023. Sonax has a "Spray and Seal" product that I spray on during a hand car wash, while the soap is still on that part of the car. Then I rinse the soap off and the rinse water beads up so nicely that I can blow the car dry with a leaf blower. My wife isn't happy about my first stack of wheel/tires in the garage, as I always had all-season tires before (never tried specific snow tires). I do look forward to trying the ct4v on a few inches of snow. I don't expect the usual quick stops and starts, but I just don't want to get stuck on an unplowed side street.
I took a few pics of the car at the detailer but not in the best light. When I get a good sunny day I'll take some more and post. I'm very happy with the results. We got the very lightest tint possible. I thought it would be like no tint - but it is a little darker and I like how it turned out.

And yeah I hear you - my wife is always complaining about my tall stacks of wheels in the garage...but what can you do?

Be careful in the snow with all seasons...there really not meant for snow just for cold/wet IMO.

Again - your car looks great - congrats! funny even my detailer commented on the color of the car. He said he couldn't figure out what color it actually was (before i brought it in) as it looked different in every picture he saw online. It really does seem to change depending on the lighting. Yours looks really rich and blue in the picture you posted.

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