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Suspension Upgrades - V-Coupe - 2013


May 5, 2012
Huntington Beach, California
V-Series Cadillac(s)?
2013 CTS-V Coupe 6-Spd Manual
I'm being proactive in researching what suspension upgrades I want for my not-yet-delivered V-Coupe. I'd like to lower it at least 1.5 inches and I don't want to affect performance of the MR system. I'm not overly concerned with stiffening the ride, as I'll be the only occupant most of the time....and I want it to be very responsive, even more so than the stock configuration. I drove a manual trans coupe at the V-series performance lab last year, and although I was impressed about the way the stock vehicle handled the inside track, I need it to be better to match the way I like to drive. Also, I like the way the coupes look when they sit closer to the tires.

Any of you have specifics about shops in my area of Southern California (besides D3) and/or specific components that I can piece together to create a really good package? I'm thinking upgraded bushings, anti-roll bars, frame connectors, springs, shock mounts, etc. :squint:

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