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Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween to all... here's the pumpkin carving I did for this year.


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Quiet Halloween for me.

Lights on, tombstones on the front lawn, big spider and web hanging from a tree and arm bones above the front door. Lots of candy. Very few takers.

My end of the street is a bunch of old farts and bah-hum-buggers I guess, so most of the house were blacked out. There was lots of activity elsewhere in the neighborhood though.

Think I'll save this years candy for next year - that ought to be a real "trick" for the "treaters!"
We were actually busier than year's past. Had about 30 trick or treaters; in the past we've had, at most, 8-10.
In my front yard, I have a full size scarecrow "cowboy & cowgirl" dancing. He has her held in mid-dip. I have a old grandpa scarecrow slumped down in a chair with sunglasses on, watching the dancers. As the litlle ones come up to the door, they are greeted by a zombie. Last night, I knew I had kids coming to the door because the dog was going crazy barking, but nobody rang the doorbell or knocked. I opened the door to see the Dad and little one (about 5 years old) walking away. I said to them, "I didn't hear a doorbell or a knock". The Dad said, "He was afraid of the zombie." Dressed as Batman, the trick or treater then came to the door, hugging the wall of the house, trying to get as far away from the zombie as possible; he left the same way, huggin the wall of the house. All I could do was chuckle as I closed the door...
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Next year I'm getting a zombie for the porch!

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