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    Questions, Nits, Acclaim, and Observations after 1,500 miles

    Congrats on your new car,make sure you take advantage of the V Academy @ Spring Mountain, they will get you up to speed and informed about all the driving modes and adjustments. It’s always fun to drive a car that makes you laugh and giggle like a little kid, enjoy it in good heath.
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    Certification Of Authenticity

    I’ve got print # 26 and vin # 52 . Maybe Rob could start a print swap thread .
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    Cadillac Sheds Light on Some of the Hidden Details inside the V-Series Blackwing

    The color of the tech bronze wheel was chosen to match the color of the carbon fiber . The color for the tech bronze wheel was chosen to match the color in the carbon fiber trim that adorns these marvelous motor cars .
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    Petit Le Mans

    The Cadillac hospitality tent and corral is the way to go for sure , food , drink , private bathroom , nice view and great people , also got to see Bill Patterson at work . He is an amazing artist and for a good cause .
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    rough idle

    That’s what makes it an ice and not an e.v. , personality , raw , the smell of gas and oil , it’s alive .
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    Certification Of Authenticity

    I just had Tony Roma and Brandon Vivian sign a $100 dollar bill to add to my shadow box and they autographed my carbon fiber seat back also, so maybe I will have 1 of 1 CT5 V Blackwing .
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    CT5-V VIR Track Event Raw Notes and Video

    It looks like you’re driving the wheels off your car , great video ,I am 6.2 also and tend to support myself by spreading my legs out left knee against door panel and right against center console , I usually wear a copper fit knee brace and it fits snugly so my knees don’t get rubbed raw , you...
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    Certification Of Authenticity

    I got mine today, print #26 and the pictures don’t do it justice , the inside ledges of the shadow box looks like carbon fiber , I don’t know if actually is but it looks really nice . It might be wishful thinking but my print looks like it has a orange tint to it . And they also spelled my name...
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    Certification Of Authenticity

    It could be worse “red headed step child with buck teeth “
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    Certification Of Authenticity

    That looks pretty cool , nicely designed and framed . Does the rendering of your car match the color of your car ?
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    IF you had to do it again.

    No , the tech bronze wheel is a different design.
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    Petit Le Mans

    Anyone going to Petit Le Mans next week and attending the Cadillac car corral ?
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    IF you had to do it again.

    I have the upgraded seats with carbon fiber backs and went with steel brakes and would do it again, manual transmission , both carbon fiber packages , pdr and no moon roof . The only thing I might change would be add the roof, just for resale value but I don’t think I’ll try to sell anytime soon.
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    Delivery Thread - Post Pictures Here!

    bronze wheels look great !
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    2022 Cadillac CT4-V and CT5-V Blackwing Order Tracking

    I got my Blackwing but I have another car ordered can you check it for me ZZJWFW. Thanks in advance.
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