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Greetings from the North East (Boston)


Sep 5, 2014
Boston, MA
V-Series Cadillac(s)?
2012 CTS-V Wagon 6MT with sunroof, 2011 Escalade (wife)

I just bought a 2012 Wagon 6MT with a sunroof, and a white interior.

Since college, I've always wanted to own a Pontiac G8 GXP but you know what happened to them. Then came the manual Chevy SS. I was going to use that as my “backup” purchase if I couldn’t find a CTS-V Wagon. This purchase has been a year in the making, and I seriously thought I was one of those only few that was looking for one. However every time I had a bite, the car was gone by the lunch time.

I’m coming from a 2002 SAAB 9-5 with a tune and its matching hardware.

I’m already studying up the procedures on how to hardwire my V1, even though in MA they use LIDAR here. I don’t speed, but it’s always good to know when they’re shooting at you. Is it easy to pry off the plastic mirror sleeve? And do I need to disconnect the mirror assembly from the car? I was thinking I plug in my inviscord right into the harness.

I hope to become an active contributing member here.

By the way. I have never seen a CTS-V Sedan or Wagon up here. Only the Coupe. I've only seen a regular CTS Wagon once or twice in this region.

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Congratulations Michael and welcome to the Cadillac V-Net!

I'm actually not too far from you. I live in Manchester, NH. :smile:

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