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Graphs of HP/TQ for CT5-V BW/CTS-V/M5 and others


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Aug 17, 2021
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2009 CTS-V (sold in 2023), 2004 CTS-V (sold in 2009)
Because I'm weird this way I've compiled a bunch of data on several cars that I've owned or was interested in. I have put the engine load diagrams on one graph and also graphed the calculated torque at the rear wheels in various gears.

The cars I did this for:
BMW F90 M5
BMW G30 M550 (latest N63)
BMW E60 M5
22 Cadillac CT5-V Blackwing (I could only find a Z06 LT4 graph so I had to fudge some -- If anyone has a BW specific one from GM please share)
09 Cadillac CTS-V
04 Cadillac CTS-V
00 Cadillac STS

Most of the data came from BMW dealer technical guides and GM Powertrain media. I had to measure off of the printed-out graphs which may not have been to scale (like the S85 one looks like it came from some cheeseball Apple software). There is of course a decent margin of error here and some graphs seemed wrong (the calculated HP didn't match the graph at a given TQ and RPM). But for the most part things seem reasonable. Note my sample points which will cause some wiggles in the graph and straight lines which in real life are curved. But it is close enough to get an idea of things. I know BMW might overrate their engines but I don't have real data on that. Also, I don't have real data on drivetrain loses so I didn't worry about that. This is just to give me an idea of how things compare.

Keep in mind that at least with the M5 1st gear doesn't seem to generate full boost (it seems obvious why when you see how far above any other car on this list the 1st gear graph is). It also doesn't account for weight, but all these cars are within 3900-4300lbs. Eventually I'd like to do some more math about total work done and so forth.

I found it very interesting that despite the different manufacturers and engine outputs all the cars are gears fairly close to each other in terms of RWTQ. This kind of makes sense since they all weigh about the same and have the same performance targets.

This is an Excel file. I've attached some screen shots of the graphs but they are so busy it's better to filter in Excel. Since I don't own a BW I didn't add all the data to the gear graph, but if you download the XLS you can add that.


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