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GM Order Event Codes

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• 500, this is a dealer stock order code used to order common vehicles. Please contact your dealer to receive an actual active order number.

• 1100, Preliminary order accepted (This means your dealer has entered your order into their system but does not mean they have the allocation to submit the order to GM yet. Speak with your dealer to verify when they expect to be able to submit your order for production)

• 2000, Order accepted by GM (This means the order has been submitted and accepted by production. You are now on your way.)

• 2030, Order re-edited (if necessary) (This is simply an edit code showing that something on your order has been changed. It does not mean your order has been accepted to production and really does not mean anything beyond your previous status other than a change has been made.)

• 2051, Order changed thru Web (same as above)

• 2500, Order preferenced (This means that the Order has been moved to the stage that parts department is now ready to place the orders for the components that will become your car)

• 3000, Order accepted by production control (This is the response from production to your 2500 status and is when Parts are actually ordered. No further changes can be made to your order once you reach this point.)

• 3100, Order available to sequence (This is more or less an inter-office memo from Parts to Production saying all parts are committed to this build, they are clear to sequence them for the build.)

• 3300, Order scheduled for production (This is the response to the 3100 status where Production is cleared to sequence and schedule the build) TPW usually avaiable

• 3400, Order broadcast (This is when the order is actually loaded onto the production line computers and parts are being staged for the build)

• 3800, Order produced (The vehicle is completed and has rolled off the line. A Vin is now available.)

• 4000, Available to ship (Vehicle is off the line and available to ship)

• 4104, Bailment Invoice (Shipping documents generated)

• 4200, Shipped (Vehicle has been moved by a carrier to another location or destination. If in combination with a 4300 status code then this is transfer to either a vendor for upfitting or to a distribution yard for final transportation.)

• 4300, Intermediate Delivery (In combination with a 4200 this is saying that the vehicle has been transported to a vendor or to a distribution center.)

• 4B00, Bayed (listed anytime a vehicle is sitting parked waiting for next mode of transportation. It can also be this status while in Quality Control)

• 4800 Rail Ramp Unload, end of the line by (if) rail. To be delivered by truck to dealer

• 5000, Delivered to the dealer

• 6000, Delivered to the customer

• 9000, Order Cancelled
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