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Anyone get their Blackwing badge yet? And are you putting it on?

I now have my Whirlpool V Blackwing.
Gonna go for big bucks on BaT!

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Are you thinking about just putting it on as is with the black V?
Yes sir, thats what im thinking since I'm going to the Black Badges on the Car. I was waiting for it to come in and see it first hand? On the fence about it.

I'm partial to the look of the blackout badges against the Summit along with trim lines and the CF.
I put it on under my blacked out V badge...Not sure if I wanted to black out the Blackwing badge (would need to do red letters or something). Will leave it as is for now.
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Thanks for sharing the picture, helps to see it on the car. Looks ok to me. I'm of the opinion my car should be badged for what it actually is. Beautiful color BTW! Im may come up with something else later down the road. Thanx again.
I go back and forth on the badge. In the context of Fauxwings rolling around with eBay badges (whether real or hot of the imitation presses) I feel like I'll leave it off.
I was skeptical if anyone will ever get badges so didnt order before. I was able to order one now by calling 800-333-4223. Seems like you can still order.
I called a while back and did get some order number, which I didn't bother to write down. But so far I didn't receive anything. Maybe there's a second round of badges going out? I'm gonna call again on Monday to see where I stand.

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