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News: 5 trends in automotive electronics coming to your next car

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5 trends in automotive electronics coming to your next car

Insiders at Consumer Telematics Show reveal the future

Published: January 07, 2014 10:30 AM


Carmakers, telecommunications companies, hardware and software providers, and various others with a stake in the future of connectivity in cars all gathered at the Consumer Telematics Show in Las Vegas, on the eve of the CES 2014. Attendees at this industry-only conference gathered to network and talk about where the industry is headed.

Here are a few of the themes we heard repeatedly during CTS that are likely to have an impact on new cars coming soon. (See our complete CES 2014 coverage.)

1) Automakers are finally starting to get out of the way. The fast moving world of car connectivity moves much more quickly than the typical five-year development cycle of new cars. Not only should carmakers not try to keep up, they can’t. For years, automakers resisted this, but that’s changing. Industry experts say their surveys indicate the majority of consumers think that’s just fine and want their car act as an extension of their phone for music, contacts, navigation, and more.

2) You may soon be able to download software updates to your car. Consumers are accustomed to their phones performing regular software updates on a daily basis without their intervention or a visit to the phone store, so why can’t the same be the case with their cars? It can (filed under "Tesla"), and it will. Nobody wants the hassle and expense of going to a dealer for a fix the car can do itself.

Full Story: http://www.consumerreports.org/cro/news/2014/01/5-trends-in-car-electronics-ces-2014/index.htm

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