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2007 V owner in Virginia


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Sep 1, 2014
Bristow, VA
V-Series Cadillac(s)?
2007 XLR-V
Hello everyone! Glad to be part of such a prestigious group. I've always wanted this car and at 29 years old I could finally get it. My husband got his dream car first (Escalade) so I had to wait.
However, I'm already having issues and hoping someone could help.
1) when backing up and starting to turn(backing out of the driveway) there is a sound that sounds like the wheel is hitting hard plastic. Took it in and said couldn't find anything. Well it's something.
2) top won't retract. Flap up, trunk up, then nothing. It in fact looks like the hinges go down instead of up when the roof should go up.

Any ideas? Tried to look at hydraulics in the trunk but I can't see it clearly. Sensors?
Also, if you live in VA can you tell me a reliable place to take it? Thanks

thank you all. Can't wait to get back out with the top down and enjoy my new baby.
Congrats, and welcome to the Cadillac V-Net! If you haven't already done so, check out our sister site, the XLR Net:

Cadillac XLR Net
Noise when backing and steering: This noise may be "normal" if it is related to the tires slipping and popping on the pavement when at or near full steering lock. My Corvette and my CTS V are bad about this, especially when my driveway is damp. The wide front tires cannot be perfectly aligned to roll evenly when at/near full steering lock, which causes one of them to break loose and slip a short distance. This can cause a pop like noise or other rubbing like noises.

The folks on the XLR net may have answers this question already.

Can't comment on the top though.
You know that makes so much sense and yes I can see that being the cause. The wheel base size never came to mind.
Thank you!

I'm still trying to find someone to fix my top. The dealer near me isn't too familiar which stinks but makes sense if they are semi new to the job.

Thanks again!

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