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Media dumps

I wish they'd post a deep review of the 5 already...
The third video was the first time I got a look at the undercarriage... Looks like oil changes should be pretty easy!

8-3-2021 3-02-12 PM.jpg
As an instructor the 2nd guy drove me crazy spending half the lap with his hand resting on the shifter and only having one hand on the wheel. When coaching some instructors will try to hold your hand if you do that :D
Funny you pointed that out. I am not an instructor but was curious about his ability to drive a manual. after all he kept referring to preferring an automatic. I have no experience in a car but plenty on a bike and as you know there are tale tale signs of someone thinking a little above there ability. we try to stay the hell out of the way. Of course, in a car, there is a little more wiggle room for mistakes.
I was really hoping to see at least 1 CT4 V BW in Black Raven! I could have sworn there was one at the event...

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