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Who Wants CT5-V Downpipes for FREE?


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Jul 24, 2021
Columbus OH
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2016 ATS-V A8, 2018 ATS-V M6, 2022 CT4-V Blackwing A10
Tapout Tuning is currently seeking a CT5-V volunteer who is interested in aftermarket downpipes. We will need to have your car for three to four weeks at our manufacturer’s facility in Streetsboro, Ohio. They will be using your car to finalize the design and ensure perfect fitment.

When you pick up your car, it will have the first set of downpipes already installed. Retail pricing for these downpipes will be in the $1,800 to $2,000 range. However, our volunteer will get the very first set for free, with free installation too!

The overall design will be very similar to our extremely popular CT4-V Blackwing downpipes. These will be American made, include EPA compliant GESi catalytic converters and we’re hoping they won't trigger a Check Engine light for catalyst inefficiency. However, we won't know for sure until a few hundred miles are logged. We also include a crossover pipe to completely eliminate any/all drone and rasp. Should a CEL arise, we offer the DTC Assassin, JB4 which can clear the codes, in addition to complete custom tuning via HP Tuners.

First person with a CT5-V who can get his/her car to Streetsboro, Ohio gets this deal. If you're interested, please email me directly at ScottC@TapoutTuning.com.
We receive telephone, private message and email requests for these every day. But unfortunately, we haven't been able to locate a volunteer. I'm sorry guys!
I volunteer as tribute. Email sent.
We are looking for a CT5-V (non Blackwing) in order to develop aftermarket performance downpipes.

The CT5-V Blackwing uses exhaust manifolds, which can be upgraded to headers. These already exist in the aftermarket.

Sorry for the confusion on this!

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