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Where are the tire temperature sensors located?

Hugh Jassol

May 1, 2023
Chico, Ca.
V-Series Cadillac(s)?
2023 4V Blackwing
I have two sets of wheels and tires. I have Apex wheels with all-season tires for year-round driving that I had the factory TPMS sensors transferred onto. I save the factory wheels with the factory Michelin PS4's for track days. I used the track setup for the first time yesterday, AFTER transferring the TPMS sensors off them. As you'd expect, after a while the dashboard tire pressure gauge went to _ _ _ at all four corners indicating the car wasn't getting any input. But, after a few minutes into the first track session the dashboard display changed to "warm" which shocked me. After coming off the track, the tires were DEFINITELY warm. This happened each session. I've been assuming that the temp sensors are built into the TPMS sensors. But obviously that's wrong if the car is getting a signal when there aren't any TPMS sensors anywhere. Anybody know where the sensors are? Or how Cadillac is measuring the temps?
I think it’s just an algorithm of speed and tire pressure, with time that does the temp reading. I don’t think there is an actual temp sensor pointed at the tire surface.

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