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Anybody swapping tires/wheels for track days? TPMS question

Hugh Jassol

May 1, 2023
Chico, Ca.
V-Series Cadillac(s)?
2023 4V Blackwing
I'm planning to keep the stock PS4's on the factory wheels for track days, and buy a set of Apex wheels that I'll put good all weather tires on for daily driving. I spoke with my local dealership and no one there could answer my question. If I were to put TPMS sensors on both sets of wheels, would the system need to "relearn" the new sensors each time? And, if I don't bother to put TPMS sensors on the track wheels (since I'm constantly monitoring tire pressure manually between sessions), would there be any system issues? I could live with a simple icon on the dash saying there's no tire info, but would there be any system issues not allowing the car to be driven in that state?
Thanks in advance,
I have a set of Apex wheels that I’m running 200TW tires on for track days and then I swap back to the stock wheels and PS4’s for daily driving. I put the official GM tire pressure sensors on the track wheels and they connected to the car without any special procedure, and it has been seamless switching back and forth between the two sets. GM’s system works so much better than what I’ve experienced from BMW, Subaru, and Hyundai. I’m not sure what sort of warnings you would get without running TPMS sensors, but I’ll tell you after being used to driving older track cars without TPMS I’m really liking being able to monitor tire pressures during a session.
I just did that this weekend, only I was using two sets of factory wheels, tires, and sensors. It was totally seamless, and worked far better than the C7 system. The car seemed to figure out almost immediately there were different wheels and adapt to it.
Thanks very much for the info guys! Like I wrote earlier, no one in my local dealer knew anything about this. I'll use some GM rewards points and get four factory sensors and put them on the track wheels.
Thanks again!
Buy the sensors at rockauto. Way way cheaper. It can sometimes take driving for over a half hour for the computer to automatically start detecting the new sensors
The owner's manual has a section on this called "TPMS Sensor Matching Process". It says you have to leave the car stationary for 20 mins, then drive it for up to 10 mins to get the matching done.

The previous generation cars needed a wireless programming tool to match the sensors with the car.

As for possible issues, my ATS-V would not go into PTM/track mode if the TPMS light was on. There is some workaround for it, but it's convoluted and took multiple tries to make it work.
Agree the new system is MUCH better than the old 'trigger' that was required.

As for TPMS logic, you can have all sensors present or no sensors present for PTM to function. If it's any other number, the car will not enter Track mode or enable PTM.

This is the sensor on RockAuto...
Swap works great on my 4BW. Sensors in both, about 30 minutes later it recognizes when I've swapped.

MatthewAMEL , I followed your link but can't figure out how to actually purchase it.​

Try searching part number: 13554170

It's currently around $22 at Rockauto and should work for your application.

GM states part numbers 84977020 for the sensor and 84413358 for the nut. Go this route if you want exactly what's in the OEM wheels.
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