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Jul 29, 2021
V-Series Cadillac(s)?
Now that we have our Black Wings who’s stalking the Corvette Forums waiting on information on the C8 Z06 .
I am absolutely planning on getting the new Z06. So for now I am hoping to get a BW in the next couple months (lol) and use that to hold myself over for a couple years until the Z06 is actually available in decent numbers and GM has had a chance to get some of the bugs out of that new FPC engine.

Who's this we you're talking about?
I canceled my C8 order to buy my ZL1 Camaro. No regrets. I am a sucker for 4 door “sleeper” performance cars. Still miss my 2017 SS.
Same here. I also miss SS. I enjoyed the looks it got with all the Holden badges. People always used to come and ask about what car it was.
When I sold my SS, I was planning to pick up ZL1 as well but after test driving it couple of times, I just could do it. It was just too claustrophobic (even with sunroof) and lack of space just made it impractical as a secondary family car.
Absolutely love the C8 design but lack of third paddle is a DOA for me.
I'm holding out for a C8 ZR1 or Zora, though the C8 Z06 is going to be bada**.
I'm looking forward to the Z06 with Z07 package for the track but I won't say I'm 'waiting' as I know it's a couple years away or longer since I'm not on a dealer list anywhere yet.
Man, if I can’t even get a Cadillac sedan I’m sure as hell not gonna even try for a C8, much less a Z06!

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