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Tricks for a clean DIY oil change on CT4BW


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Jan 8, 2024
Connecticut, USA
V-Series Cadillac(s)?
2023 CT4-V Blackwing
First trick is a tip I picked up for reducing mess when doing an oil change on my Tahoe.

The filter is located such that it will drip down onto part of the structure of the vehicle. I placed a piece of cardboard to act as an impromptu “funnel” to guide the oil into my catch pan. Reduces mess and reduces the need to clean up that mess.

Second tip - The head on my 3/8 inch torque wrench is big enough that it has a clearance issue when the filter is in place. To avoid dealing with this I torqued the drain bolt while the filter was still off.

And the third tip is to get a filter that threads into the oil fill. Reduces drips and it let you leave a bottle in there to drain while you’re opening the next bottle. Many different companies make funnels that will attach to GM engines.


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For draining I’ve had good luck with Form-A-Funnel on some of my other vehicles.
I don't have mine yet but I plan on designing and 3D printing a clip on funnel for this issue. It'll take a bit to prove out and get working well but I've done it for my fiances ram 1500 so.

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