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I love Cadillac's participation in motorsport, and it works too. I started watching endurance racing during the pandemic and the IMSA dpi's really changed my perception of Cadillac as a millennial. When the new Blackwings were teased at Daytona, I was sold, and put my deposit down that night.
If a freebie I believe, so I thought Id share.

My Buddy and his 8 sec Plum Crazy Hellcat is getting it on in Houston with the best Mopars out there. They start dragging around 11:30 am. Use they link, he says and it streams for free if interested!

My Buddy and his 8 sec Plum Crazy Hellcat is getting it on in Houston with the best Mopars out there.

I thought the Baytown track closed down?

“And frankly these were the first cars, I’ll say it out loud, that we didn’t really focus as much on lap time,” said Roma. “We said, look, we’re gonna focus more on the elements that make these cars we want to own, cars we want to drive. Cars with a certain character.”

"Mirza’s exact words were, ‘I want it to scare small children.'"
This article is so good. I've had my 4 a bit under a year now, recently came back from Spring Mountain, and I just wanna say thanks to the team behind it. This car does everything I want it to do - from feeling safe at 120mph to holding two car seats in the back. From annoying my neighbors with a cold start to picking up the groceries (and almost always getting a comment from the dude putting them in the car). Not only is it practical, but it feels special and I love this thing.

Thank you. Thank you guys for your effort. It was worth it.
Damn late to the game. Was just about to post same link. No doubt one of the best articles I've read regarding the whole concept of bringing the Blackwings to fruition. 👍👍 Definitely 2 thumbs up.
I’ve been on this site for a long time and I have had my car (41-020) for a long time now as well. That article reminds me of why I chose the car and what this site was like in the beginning.
Read a brief article on a site called "The Manual". They picked the CT5-V Blackwing as the Best Sports Sedan. This sums it up well:

"Acceleration from the V8 is absurd, being able to row through the gears with your right hand and left foot is marvelous, and the way the CT5-V Blackwing handles is remarkable. For such a large car, the CT5-V Blackwing handles with poise and quick reflexes. Unlike other cars in the class that offer numb driving dynamics or try to hide the road from the driver, the Cadillac does the exact opposite by pairing the machine with the driver."


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