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Lassen Road Trip 2014 - August 9-11


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Aug 20, 2013

This a pay your own way event. This means even me the organizer pays my own way to attend. As noted in other events I have organized, this is where the insanity of what I do comes in. Don't ask I don't get it either. I recently made a website to help broadcast day drives and these road trips.

This is a road trip event for anyone and everyone. This is not a race or rally so if you are looking for a Gumball event this is not the event for you. The event does have fun back roads driving and some great stops. For references on past events look up Euro Cars Road Trip Yellowstone Redwoods Road Trip and California 500 Miglia.

Lassen /Portola Road Trip – August 9-11

The Lassen Road Trip is a fun three-day event that takes into the Sierra Mountains to explore volcano country. This road trip will start with fun drive up the feather river with a stop in Portola for lunch. After lunch the group will head to the railway museum to see the trains and explore the museum. You can climb on all the equipment so dress appropriately. After the museum the group will head to Chester for base camp. Day two will be spent in Lassen National Park to hike some of the trails and see the sights. Day three will be a fun drive before the group splits off to make their ways home.

Unlike rallies and road course events, we encourage people to stay in a group and stop at the planned destinations, as this is a road trip not a rally. However, the stops and activities are suggestions, not mandates. Our format is for those individuals, couples or families, who want to have an adventure as well as make new friends with fellow enthusiasts. We mix the day up between driving sections, photo stops and sightseeing opportunities for everyone. This is not a race, so if you are looking for a competitive event this is not for you.

Fees schedule: (NOTE) We have limited rooms at the Antlers and Best Western.
Antlers Motel - Two Night accommodations - $175.00
Best Western - Two Night Accomodations - $ 275.00
-- Or choose your own hotel --

Decals / Insurance / Shipping / PayPal / (Items for one person) - Boxed Lunch for the day in Lassen / Portola Railroad Museum
Base event fees - $ 120.00
Additional boxed lunch $25.00
Additional Portola Rail Museum Ticket - $8.00

The 2013 Lassen Road Trip Itinerary: August 9-11

Day 1: Meeting Location

Date: August 9th
Address: Starbucks at 3230 Arena Blvd in N. Sacramento
Time: 8:00am
Depart: 8:30am - drive start
Activity: Registration and assist with decal application
Depending on traffic and group size, we will make a few stops for scenery photos and group pictures. You of course are welcome to stop on your own at any time to take pictures.

Lunch stop will be in Portola
Address: Sharon's Café - 270 Commercial St, Portola, CA 96122
Time: ~12:00pm arrive with a 1-hour lunch stop

Western Pacific Rail Museum Stop
Address: 700 Western Pacific Way, Portola, CA 96122
Time: ~1:00pm arrive time with a 1-hour or so to see the museum

After the railway museum, we will head to Chester for our overnight accommodations, freshen up and head to dinner.

Hotels for both nights
Address: Antlers Motel - 268 Main St, Chester, CA 96020
Address: Best Western Rose Quartz Inn - 306 Main St, Chester, CA 96020

There are also many campgrounds in the area. If you chose the B&B option you are on your own to book the hotel as rooms are limited.
Time: ~ 5:00pm

Dinner at: RJ’s Lake Almanor Tavern, 384 Main Street.

Day 2: Lassen Park Adventure Day
Breakfast meeting spot:
Address: Kopper Kettle Café, 243 Main Street.
Rally point before heading to the park:
Address: Holiday Market parking lot, 271 Main Street., directly across the street from the Antlers Motel.

Leave from Lassen Park at 9:00am On the DOT!

The group will head to Southern entrance of Lassen National Volcanic National Park (~30min from Chester) where we will drive the 30mi section of Hwy through the park. Once we enter the park we will make stops at the following locations. For those that wish to take longer hikes can break off at any time and meet up with the group later. The trails below are considered “Easy”, and the majority of stops have restrooms and picnic areas.
- Kohn Yah-Mah-Nee Visitor Center, Lassen Chalet, café.
- Sulphur Works trail (.5 mi.)
- Lake Helen, Bumpass Hell overlook, trail (3 mi.)
- Lassen Peak parking and viewpoint.
- Kings Creek Meadow scenic pull-out. Hike to Cold Boiling Lake (1.4 mi.)
- Summit Lake / Hat Lake, Emigrant Pass.
- Devastated Area viewpoint and trail, (.4mi)
- Trails around Manzanita, Reflection, and Lily Pond are each (1-1.5 mi.)
- If time and energy allows we can drive to Subway Cave (bring flashlights), and/or continue to drive a loop back to Chester via Hwy 44
Lunch stop will be at: wherever we are when it’s close to lunch. (or when you get hungry)

Dinner will be at:
Time: 7:00pm
Address: The Locker Room, 300 Main Street.

Day 3: Drive home

The drive home will regroup at Kopper Kettle Café before trekking home. The group will head back on some fun back roads to get back to the major Highways. During the drive home you can split off any time or stay with the group till it gets back to Sacramento which is the official end of the drive.

To Register for the road trip:
Road Tours
For those who of you who have question about the trip, please email me directly as the forum notice does not always reach my email. My email is norcal.drivers@gmail.com

For those who wish to come, the image below will update with numbers that have been assigned. To see the updated image, hit refresh to see the image update.

Bump and an update. I have canceled the rooms at the Best Western as we don't have enough to fill the rooms.

The Antlers Hotel also asked we do a final room count with them on July 1. This means if you plan on going on this trip and want the group rate on rooms you need to pay before July 1. After then you are on your own for hotel rooms. There is some nice B&Bs in the area if you wish to book on your own.

Deadline to register for the trip is July 28th so I have enough time to mail things out to everyone.
Registration deadline is close. Still room to join. You will have to book your own room but if you call soon you can still get the group rate.
See all the event images here: 2014-Lassen_RoadTrip

The Lassen trip was another great adventure to see new sights and make new friends. This trip started off a little odd to say the least. We had 13 cars scheduled to go and had 3 people had to bow out at the 11th hour due to various reasons. Then the night before we left, the co leader of the drive lost the alternator on his Porsche on the way to Sacramento. Thankfully we figured out a car solution so that everyone could still go.


The group meet up bright and early Saturday AM where we went over the plans for the day and where we were going. 8:30am hit and a group of BMW’s, Lotus Elise, Opel GT, Jaguar XKR, Mazda RX7, Porsche Turbo, VW Passat, and a Subaru Outback headed North to feather river canyon.


The day was slightly over cast as we made our way up the Feather River. Those who wanted to go a little faster stayed in the front and the rest of us stayed as a group moving along at a very good pace. We stopped for lunch at a hotel that if you blinked you would miss the turn. After lunch we made our way to Portola to see the train museum and then headed to Chester for the night.




Sunday was all about hikes and being in the Lassen Park. The group made it to Lassen early in the morning and made a stop to hike to Bumpass Hell to see the hot springs and boiling mud pots. After this stop the group had lunch by a lake nearby and then moved on over the pass to see the other sites in the park. After driving the length of the park we regrouped for a return drive back to the visitor center, and then back to Chester where we had a fun farewell dinner on the shores of Lake Almanor.






Monday was the drive home for everyone. All but two cars left as a group to head home back through Feather River Canyon. There was NO traffic in the morning and the group made good time to a rest area where we took a few pictures and said our goodbyes as we then headed off in different directions to make our ways home.



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