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Hello from Jax, FL


Mar 10, 2014
Pardon the duplicate post from **************.com but I am not yet sure which forums are most active so I wanted to say hello here too, so... Hello!

I am considering becoming a STS-V owner. I have considered a number of cars but the STS-V seems to have a balance of many facotrs I am looking for. Anyway, I have done some internet searches and not quickly found answers to a few basic questions, newby questions at that so I hope it's ok that I ask them here. Please feel free to answer just one or more. Again, thanks for putting up with another newby.

1) What, if any, differences are there between '08 and '09 STS-V's? My guess is none but if they are any I would like to know what they are regardless of how minor they might be.

2) If you are familiar with the G8 Panther Black Metallic or the TBSS Black Granite Metallic, how would you compare the Black Raven paint code? On photos it appears to be hi gloss but less metallic then the others mentioned. Is that true?

3) Why did the STS-V go with the Northstar platform when CTS-V went to the LS platform a few years earlier? I am sure it is a long answer so the short version is fine. The STS-V isn't simply a S/C version of the regular STS V8, correct?

4) If you have also driven a G8 GT or GXP, how do you compare the low end drivability between the G8 and STS-V? I don't mean which car is capable of more power at full build or which car would win 1/4 mi race, but rather how do the manners in around town driving compare.

5) I know the fuel economy rating for the car but I am curious what people are actually getting with their STS-V's, both stock and modded. Of course I am not looking for a fuel efficient car, but down in the range of the cars I am considering, a few mpg's might be a positive in the favor of one car or another. Of course driving style is a big variable part in the equation but I mean with that aside?

6) I assume there is no backup camera on even the last couple models of STS-V. i see there wasn't in '07 but i don't find anything clear on the 08-09. I assume no backup cam? Not a big deal, I'm just curious.

7) Is there a USB connection or only standard aux jack?

Thanks much! I would love to become an owner/member of the forum if I can find the right car.



Welcome to the V-Net.

An STS V member should jump in here and answer a few of your questions. I'm a CTS guy.
Thanks Tuna! I'm a Vette guy too!

We see a lot of that - Vette owners buying V Cadillacs and vice versa. What year is you Vette?
We see a lot of that - Vette owners buying V Cadillacs and vice versa. What year is you Vette?
Yes, both are car guy cars ;)

My Vette is a 2001 NBM vert with full bolt on and a bunch of fun mods. 450 to the wheels. She's fun.

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