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Got my CT4V Blackwing


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Mar 3, 2023
McMinnville, OR
V-Series Cadillac(s)?
Getting a CT4V this year
I picked up my Blackwing yesterday. I had one on order, but I found this guy with 300 miles on it and picked it up. Now just need to get through the break in so I can open it up.
I really wanted red, but there was only one within 150 miles and I had already tested my wife's patience...

So, @Goalieguy73, hockey or soccer (Futbol)?
My wife really only liked the red so we held out for a red one. Hockey, still play in a adult league.

Will be curious how you load your hockey equipment in the car. I just load my bag in the back seat and throw my sticks on top of it, angled over to the front passenger seat. Much easier than getting the bulky bag into the trunk, probably even more so in your case as a goalie.
I fold the seats down and put my main bag and sticks in through the seats. Then toss my pad bag on the remaining space on the back seats. Not as easy as tossing in the wife's AT4X, but way more fun to drive.

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