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Front license plate bracket mounting hardware



I couldn't stand looking at the ugly plastic bracket any longer, so I drilled the rivets off. I will make a metal bracket that reuses the original mounting holes in the plastic bumper fascia, and I would like to know if anyone has used the old style plastic nuts that pushed in to square holes in license brackets to mount a fascia bracket?

has anyone mounted a bracket without using factory style rivets?
I wish I had a response for this - then again, maybe not.
I live in a "no front plate" state so I do not have any experience with mounting them. Makes life a lot easier.

Hope someone else jumps in here with an answer. I know we have a few members from Texas and that's a "front plate state."
I used big screws

Thanks for the reply. I just wanted to get rid of the fat plastic frame, so I made an aluminum bracket that is behind the plate. I was looking at the push-in square hole inserts at an auto store, when a guy who works in the local Cadillac dealer's body shop told me they use 5/16 sheet metal bolts. I used those to mount the bracket. It looks much better.

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