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Car Show and the V


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Nov 4, 2011
Mustang, OK
V-Series Cadillac(s)?
'11 V Wagon, ( '13 427 Vette & '21 Vette)
I took the V out to a show Saturday afternoon in Moore, OK. The show was hosted by Show Your Ridez group (Home Page) and held in Buck Thomas park. There were 75-100 vehicles there from modern muscle, to classic muscle cars, to fire trucks, to motorcycles, to race cars, to antiques and lots of Vettes. I parked the V next to a Vette ZO6 and was joined by 6-7 more Vettes in that row. I knew most of them from my Vette club connections anyway. Had a good time talking cars and looking at cars. A Vette friend brought out his '71 Volvo 1800 sports car. We had to talk about that for a while then he had to come over and take a look at the V Wagon.

Most car people don't really know what the "V" is so I got to answer a lot of questions. The look on their faces says a lot when they see the stick shift in a Caddy wagon and hear that it has 556 HP. There were a few that knew what they were looking at and brought friends and wifes over to take a closer look. That was cool.

I didn't stick around to the awards part as I was beat from working in the heat all day. So, I left a little early and hazed the rear tires in first gear as I left.

On the way home, I had a couple of people want to see the V run. That was kind of interesting as the V Wagon is usually ignored on the street. One couple in a fairly new Corvette Grand Sport followed me on to the freeway. It was a long entrance ramp with plenty of view for the traffic - none. The GS held back at first but as I started to accelerate onto the freeway, I noticed that he was closing in on my rear. I punched the V and rocketed onto the freeway. The GS appeared to try to stay with me but I guess the wife held him back as the GS and the V should be evenly matched. I put it on cruise near the limit and the GS passed and waved.

Just before my home town, an SUV caught up to me and then slowed down to stay beside me on the freeway. I noticed the lady in the front seat smiling at me. The driver juiced the SUV a couple of times so I down shifted to 3rd and pulled away hard.

As we got into town, the lady rolled down the window and said thanks for showing off for her and the kids. The husband was smiles and we talked about the V through the window for a bit while trying to drive through town.

Saturday turned out to be a pretty good car day.
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