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Borla cat back and AirRaid CAI


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Apr 17, 2014
V-Series Cadillac(s)?
2014 CTS-V Sedan
Wanting to do this combo on my 2014 CTS-V sedan. My question is has ANYONE done the Borla catback system and AirRaid CAI on one of the new V's..?? And if so has anyone documented the power gains from it..??

Exhaust/Intake Options

For my 2010 V-Sedan, I went ahead with the Airaid CAI, but for the exhaust, rather than go with the available systems offered through say "Summit" or the other aftermarket distributors, I went ahead and ordered a 3" cat-back system from Stainless Works, but i specifically asked them only for the piping and the X-pipe, without mufflers. I received my cat-back without the mufflers, and went to my local muffler shop, where I installed a pair of Flowmaster Original 40 series (the first flow master muffler ever made) and let me tell you...this thing sounds wonderful. Much more reserved than the Corsa or Borla systems I've heard where it sounds so raspy and hollow. The flow master mufflers have a beautiful idle, and rev up nicely. The interior resonance is not bad at all, it purrs nicely, although it's definitely more noticeable than stock. In my opinion, this is the best option for someone looking to make a custom exhaust system. My local shop "Mr. Muffler" charged me 350$ for the pair of mufflers, and that includes labor and tax to weld them up and center the tips. Great deal, very much impressed with it.
Have you put it on a dyno yet?
If so, what are your numbers now?
CTS-V2 Custom Exhaust

I dyno'd it before I added the Flowmaster mufflers, which I seriously doubt makes any significant difference. The car has the Lingenfelter pulley upgrade, larger Intercooler, Airaid CAI, and the 3" catback with x-pipe, also a basic tune with no extensive time spent on the dyno. Made 3 pulls on a mustang dyno on a 60 degree day with about 50% humidity.
Pull #1 = 547rwp/576ft-lbs.
Pull #2 = 539rwp/570ft-lbs.
Pull #3 = 545rwp/575ft-lbs.

I'm sure heat soak played a part somewhat as we didn't rest a whole lot between the 3 pulls.
I've got a cold air intake by Airaid. I did not have a chance to dyno the results, but from my own feeling I do not notice any gains. Maybe a couple of hp, but no real gain from my experience. But if you go with a combination of a catback and CAI, maybe you will notice the difference. Anyways, these mods will definitely help the engine breathe better, so definitely should be some hp gain.

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