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News: Best Sleeper Super Cars

General news post.
The 335 Bimmer is a good choice - not an M3 but pretty darn quick.

These days, you really have to study all the car companies and their vehicles and have a good memory to know if the vehicle next to you might blow you away or not.

The CTS V with black wheels and yellow calipers says hot rod. My crystal red V Wagon with polished wheels and grey calipers goes unnoticed 99% of the time and that can be fun. A year or so ago, I did have someone follow me into a gas station to ask about the VWagon, so there are a few that know what it is. Most don't.

I can't hide in my Vette and no one gives our Volt a second look as a concern at the stop light even though they might get surprised by it.

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