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A new competition for us all: Post your average lifetime RPM

According to the car (trip b hasn't been reset for a while) mileage is a robust 7 mpg! Tires yesterday only warmed up to about 32 psi. Maybe I wasn't trying hard enough...

I'll ask @TK42ONE today about the CT5 mpg.

my boy @AZHEAT is gonna smoke you all in this category! I believe he told me he is redlining that bad boy every day!
When I calculated my average, I was too embarrassed to post! LOL

I’m just over 2K. In all fairness, my commute is short and the majority of the time, it seems I’m warming it up and can’t hammer it. I would say I see redline every other day. I’ve seriously underachieved and have work to do.

BTW, I’m still chapped that you smoked me in autocross! I hope all is well brother.
And I'm the complete opposite. I work from home, the freeway entrance is between 1 and 1.5 miles from my driveway and most of the roads directly accessible from my home are 55 MPH rural routes. :)
Same here. My idle time is low.
1. 419.4 - 84.8 = 334.2 hours
2. 334.2 x 60 = 20,052 minutes
3. 40,930,000 x 10,000 = 40,930,000 Total Revs
4. 40,930,000 / 20,052 = 2041.19 RPM (5BW M)


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Would be curious to see best and worst MPG broke down into a formula/comp. Probably a bit simpler though if there's a lifetime avg somewhere.
My lifetime average is 19.5.
Don't have my 4 yet but I'm praying I get slightly better gas than the hemi truck.

My gf is complaining her GR86 only gets 26 mpg ripping around town 😂 I'm like "wow that's sooooo terrible"

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