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  • Hey,
    Haven't seen your name here in a while.

    In one of the V-wagon threads, user "Metacomet" seems to indicate that he's trying to sell his V-wagon. If you're interested in owning one you might want to tweak him.
    Hi back to you. You may be waiting a long time for "MY" Little Red Wagon - I think it's a keeper. It has the Recaro seats and I love them. About the only option I didn't get is the sun roof - never really liked them. Figure if I want the sun and wind on my face, I'll drive my Vette convertible. The V Wagon is my daily driver, most of the time. I drive my 427 Corvette Convertible once a week or so. After 2 1/2 years and 20K miles, I had to put new tires on it - Michelin Pilot Super Sports this time. I think they are going to work out fine. I haven't noticed any less dry traction with them and they work pretty good in the rain. Also they are cheaper than the PS2 tires and have a higher tread wear rating. Tirerack says they are better than the PS2 also. I'll know in about 3 years - I hope.

    I have a 3-car garage and all 3 cars are inside every night. So 3 cars is all I can deal with right now. If I had a place to put and extra car or two, I probably would. It's probably a good thing I don't or I'd be like you and have too many of them around. Oh well.

    Take care.

    It's nice to have a collection of cars to drive and summer in Florida. My step daughter lives in Florida (Ft Lauderdale area) but I'm not sure I'd want to live there - even for a summer. Think I prefer South Carolina, Georgia or Alabama. Our kids don't get our cars to drive either - when they come to visit, they better rent a car or drive their own. We may let them drive our Volt though.

    My V Wagon is a manual. I seem to have more fun driving when I can shift gears. Had a paddle shift Vette once and didn't care for it. Both out Vette and V Wagon are manuals. Only the Volt isn't and it doesn't shift gears. Except for the gas mileage, the V Wagon makes for a good daily driver. We don't get a low of snow/ice in OK so we can drive it most of the year. When it does get white outside, I usually call in sick and just stay home. ;)

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