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    What made you choose a Blackwing and what else did you consider?

    I don't have a Blackwing. I do have a V2 Wagon with a manual transmission and that was what I wanted in a practical, go fast vehicle. Mothing more practical than a wagon with a supercharged V8! I enjoy reading the Blackwing news here but I'll probably not buy one as I don't plan to sell my...
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    Post Pics of Your Kids

    Here's a pic of all our other "Kids."
  3. Tuna

    Group Picture - Tuna's Fleet

    After getting all 3 clean, it was time for a group picture. Our little red wagon and both Vettes. 2011 V Wagon has 55,000+ miles and is still going strong. Since it's the rarest car in the garage, I only drive it once a week or so. The white Vette is a 2013 427 Vert 60th anniversary...
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    Happy Birthday

    My little red V Wagon is 11 years old today. I took delivery of it Pearl Harbor Day 2010. It now has a little over 52,000 miles.
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    CT5-V driving in the rain

    The rain/snow mode will help but the biggest limitation is the summer performance tires. They don't work good with the temperatures are that low even when it ain't raining.
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    New guy on here

    Glad you found us!
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    ATS issues

    Not the V version as I have the ATS Premium edition of the 2014 ATS. It has the 2.0 T engine and AWD. It got a little over 72,000 miles on it now and, up until this past month, totally reliable. A month or so ago, I noticed coolant on the garage floor intermittently. I added some coolant and...
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    Cadillac LMDh?

    With the demise of the Cadillac DPi in IMSA just around the corner, is Cadillac planning to build a Le Mans / Daytona hybrid for the 2022/23 season? Anybody know?
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    For Sale: 2012 Cadillac CTS-V Wagon - 12K Miles!

    WOW! The sell price is impressive. If I ever want to sell my little red Vagon, I'm going to use "Bring A Trailer."
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    What to do?

    Since most of us are under "stay home" or "lockdown" orders, my wife decided that I needed something to do besides watch TV. She decided that I needed to wash, clay bar and wax the Tuna Sport and Speed Wagon. Here's the results. C-Magic car wash soap, Clay Magic clay bar (fine), C-Magic Wax...
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    :party:Happy New Year!!! :beerchug:
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    Introduction - DarthV

    Welcome! Sounds like a nice car. My first V was a black 2004 and I had DARTHV on the license plate.
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    A Little-V Blog: The ATS-V purchase and ownership experience

    It's no wonder it took so long to diagnose! So this is a 2016 issue only?
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    New owner here

    Yeah, the V-Net can be pretty quiet. At least it's here. :wave:
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    New owner here

    Welcome to the V-Net! Have fun with the ATS V!
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