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    Media dumps

    Love this and not sure how many of you remeber the 2016 issue. You might see a familiar face with a V hat (as well many other faces that were part of the V Series Blackwings too!) https://www.caranddriver.com/features/a15102990/cadillac-cts-vsport-2016-10best-cars-feature/
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    Certification Of Authenticity

    This is the gift for the first 250 of each. Including the V academy two days free and the door sills/plaques pretty nice package if you ask me.
  3. Mirza Grebovic

    Front seats

    you have to be a bit more specific, which seat standard or the performance seat? The performance seats are same but there is different trim options.
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    Certification Of Authenticity

    Here is the 4. Love mine its so freaking awesome!!!
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    Fingers crossed man! And hope the Jason Cammisa and other reviews explain which ones worth waiting for!
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    no cost front splitter?

    its a no cost option not a single disadvantage.
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    no cost front splitter?

    Dont overthink. Nothing with performance like that. Its regulatory/crash and optional content is different . Nothing with cooling or transmissiin.
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    C&D compare BW5/RS7/M5

    I dont see a cheaper alternative, I see a better alternative period. Seriously, very curious to see "better materials" and what that means to folks. Just asking to understand. Somebody said "soft touch". The entire console on the rs and m are plastic. Piano black at that too, remeber cts-v...
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    Spring Mountain

    I am going december. Cant wait.
  10. Mirza Grebovic

    C&D compare BW5/RS7/M5

    I urge you to go pull up a M5 comp next to the 5 and compare materials. I dont want to provide my opinion here but would love to hear from folks that actually have been in both vs articles. It might surprise many.
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    CT5-V Blackwing wheel specs?

    Great question and the answer is maybe. Keep in mind the brake package got bigger on CT4-V Blackwing, it went to 380mm OD rotors front from 370mm rotors. In order to do this, the team had to put more clearance into the barrel design by pushing it more into the tire air gap. This allowed the...
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    CT5-V Blackwing wheel specs?

    The 4 blackwing wheel specs are (no matter if bronze or any other rpo all three rpos same) Front: 18x9x28-J Rear: 18x9.5x48-J Ats-v sedan exact same size and offsets. Ct5-v blackwing Front: 19x10x20-J Rear:19x11x50-J
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    Brake Dust is Terrible!

    The front left tire (clockwise track) was a tad worn on shoulder lol but not shot after 7-8 sessions 20 minutes. It was colder track weekend. I did not do the max track alignment so will do that next with the strut locator holes drilled/tapped out. Also I didnt go crazy on the car, its new and...
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    Questions, Nits, Acclaim, and Observations after 1,500 miles

    I am not sure I follow? Rolling resistance... obviously any resistance is loss of HP lol so yeah the brakes bearings tires etc all had requirments we wanted to meet and than obviously the cost down calibrations when off throttle so yeah lots was done but not sure it was looked as an issue on...
  15. Mirza Grebovic

    CT5-V Blackwing wheel specs?

    They are all exactly the same specs so must be some print errors somewhere. I will check. The offsets are on the inside of the wheel as well and I posted soecs somewhere here in the forum.
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