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What is this "semi-aniline" stuff?

Oh actually I think they are right. I remember one of the engineers saying the CF1 package doesn't actually create downforce unless it's listed on the build sheet/window sticker.
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This is crazy to me. At some point you'd think if given the option to have the car without CF or never have the car you'd choose to get the car without CF. Plus, you can eventually just by the carbon pieces individually; maybe not immediately, but eventually.
Yes, his clientele is rather upscale/collector types. I was waiting 16 months or so in and grabbed a full carbon spec 3rd party otherwise I would still be on a list? Factory carbon for me or nothing! 100% OEM ain't selling!
Hi Guys,
Has there been any reports or concerns with the SA leather not wearing well? The general consensus is that the standard pleather offers more durability. TIA

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