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Tire pressure monitor


Apr 2, 2013
Philadelphia ,PA
V-Series Cadillac(s)?
2007 Cadillac STS-V
I have a 07 STS-V and I noticed that thr tire pressure monitor sensor was in to be serviced so I dropped the car off at the dealer to have it replaced but after now the dealer is having a difficult time with tryna figure out why the code can't be reset and it's now reading that all 4 monitors are bad so the guy from the service dept. told me that they got on the phone with GMs special Tech support for more ideas and he's telling me that now the trunk has automatic release that works when you walk near the car with the key and that's not working properly now so now He's telling me that It may have something to do with the rear window cause of the built in antenna and defroster and possibly there's also other mechanisms that is possibly that got something to do with the whole tire monitor issue that's making the sensor's not recieving any response so does anyone have any ideas on my situation ? I would appreciate it

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