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Product Review: Road test: 2014 Cadillac XTS Vsport AWD Platinum

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Nov 3, 2011
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Road test: 2014 Cadillac XTS Vsport AWD Platinum

By Brian Harper


Overview: Power-rich full-sized luxury sedan
Pros: Surprisingly sporty for a big car
Cons: Awkward paddle shifters, thirsty
Value: for money Good
What would I change?: Simplify centre stack controls

It just sort of snuck up on me, like grey hair, middle-age and the need for afternoon naps — a heightened appreciation for luxury cars. Oh, I’ll still jump at any chance to get behind the wheel of a sports car, but given that the opportunities to properly exercise such a beast are few and far between, the hedonistic comfort provided by a well turned-out luxury machine is a more than acceptable alternative, especially on cold winter days. Then, neck-snapping acceleration and high-g cornering take a back seat to how quickly the seats and steering wheel heat up. (Yes, I know one doesn’t have to shell out big bucks for a luxo-yacht to get a little warmth to the extremities, but one cannot truly appreciate the other pleasures until one has thawed out.)

As it is, a good number of newer-generation high-end cars provide not just the expected creature comforts and high-tech trickery, but a considerable amount of snap as well. Take Cadillac’s XTS Vsport, for instance. General Motors describes the full-sized sedan — which debuted for the 2013 model year as a replacement for both the DTS and STS — as “one of the most technologically advanced production cars in the brand’s history.” While usually dismissive of standard corporate hyperbole, I find this one to be pretty much accurate. The Caddy is a powerful performer with an engine that’s a delight, and at a price point that makes one wonder why there’s a need to go offshore.

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Does that car have ambient lighting in the front & rear foot wells to keep that area illuminated during night driving?

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