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Sep 8, 2016
South Jersey
V-Series Cadillac(s)?
2011 CTS-V Sedan
I've had my 2011 CTS-V sedan (Recaros, sunroof, A6, Thunder Gray) for a few years now and it's my daily driver. I'm about ready for tires and thought that I would come here, and I'll browse the main forum for current tire advice.

This car has turned out to be just about the most reliable car that I have ever owned. Note that there are NO MODS, and that I drive it every day, park in a garage, and am not in the rust belt.
Find Old 1966 Corvette?

I bought a 1966 Corvette new in Texas and sold it after 18 months at 23,500 miles. It was last seen being driven by a medical doctor to Chicago in the fall of 1967. I have the 13-digit VIN but don't want to post it publicly. It was a Nassau blue (the bright, saturated blue) coupe with matching leather upholstery, 390 hp 427 cid engine, close-ratio 4-speed, 36.5 gallon tank, A/C, factory mags, and all other options available for that car. I had switched out the springs and stabilizer bars for those of the off-road suspension, resulting in a profound improvement in handling *and* ride.

Those cars were known for having a short life because they got wrecked a lot and parts were worth more than whole cars. Good tires that would keep the car under control at full throttle on bad surfaces were rare; I had Michelins on mine but most people had Pirellis or Dunlops and the car came with bias-ply tires, so ending up upside-down in the middle of the road was a common problem, often resulting in a totalled car. But if it's still on the road somewhere, I still have an original key for the doors/glove compartment for the current owner and would like to hear about the car.

Is there a way in your web sites to find a classic Corvette by description or VIN?
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Welcome to the V-Net!

My 2011 V Wagon has also been very reliable. I responded to your tire question. As for finding the Vette, try the Corvette Action Center.

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