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Apr 30, 2013
V-Series Cadillac(s)?
2013 CTS-V
HEy guys,

Excuse the ricey user name but its been with me on every car forum I have been a part of so I never changed it, besides its really easy to remember haha. Name is Brendan and I just picked up the 2013 V Coupe last wk in diamond black. I will not be keeping the car this color and will be getting it wrapped in flat white in about a yr. Absolutely am in love with it though, one of if not the best car I've ever driven. Power, driveability, handling, ride etc etc....the list goes on and on. The car is a lease but IDGAF haha I will be going balls out with it because I think I will buy it. I already have the airaid intake on order as well as some D3 comp springs till I man up and buy the KW 3's. Any other mods or information/direction I can be given will be much appreciated. I typically research the shit out of things and will continue to do so on this car. Are tunes for these things ones which over write the old one or is it a piggy back type system? Im sure you can do both ways, im just not sure which is the best option for me because I would like to run multiple tunes. Kinda like Evo's had map switching, id like the same thing.

Welcome to the V-Net!

Sounds like you have big plans for your V. Enjoy it and have fun.

I haven't modified mine and don't yet plan to. May install a harness bar and belts for open road racing one day though.
Congrats on you new ride... I'm holding out for the ATSV. At any rate, welcome to the forum...

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