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Is this normal? -- Headlights and Tail lights


Sep 5, 2014
Boston, MA
V-Series Cadillac(s)?
2012 CTS-V Wagon 6MT with sunroof, 2011 Escalade (wife)
I'm going to cross post this on **************.com

On my road trip from NC to MA, it was raining the entire time and I noticed that there was water build up on the inside of the headlights. Is that normal? Or should I bring it in during my next oil change? What I also noticed too is that my tail lights are peeling off as well.

The other headlight had some water, but it's not as bad as this.

Photo Sep 26, 12 04 55.jpgPhoto Sep 26, 12 05 14.jpg

What do you guys think? As I said above, I'll probably bring it to their attention when I get my oil changed.


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    Photo Sep 26, 12 04 55.jpg
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From everything I've seen, the headlight condensation is normal. Some dealers might replace them, some might not. From people that have had them replaced, it seems to happen with the new lights as well. As long as it dries out, I wouldn't worry too much about it. The pics you have of the tail lights are real hard to make out whats happening with them. So I won't comment further on them. Good luck.
Thanks for replying.

The condensation is still there =(. I have a list I'm going to bring up next week.

The tail light is no longer attached to the body, it looks like it's peeling off due to warping.

However a new problem arose last night, I have some really loud squeaking from my brakes. I thought maybe a pebble or something got caught in the pad or something, but the squeaking is just really embarrassing and shrill.

Do you know how long the pads are supposed to last for? The car only has 14k miles on it.
Not sure on pad life. I'm at 17K on my sedan and still have plenty of pad left. Good idea to have that checked as well.
I've never had my headlights get moisture in them like your pictures show.
I've never had my headlights get moisture in them like your pictures show.

Thanks Tuna.

I made an appointment for this coming Friday. My #1 priority is getting my brakes figured out. They squeak when I apply pressure and they squeak when I turn the wheel.... :confused: If I make a slight right turn, they squeak pretty loudly =(.


Anyways, I'll keep you guys updated. Thanks for commenting.

I went to the dealer. They decided to replace the headlight with condensation, tail light that was peeling off, and.... the brakes!

The service employee that was helping me said they saw that there was heat damage on the pad and they had to be replaced. I asked him for the price, since the pads are consumables. He said they were covered. Maybe I almost shot myself in the foot by asking.

Turns out the peeling tail lights are a common problem. The passenger side is peeling off as well, but I won't bring it up until it gets bad.

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