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I have become "that guy"


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Aug 7, 2023
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No offense intended for the girls here.

Yesterday I left work a few minutes early but still late for an appointment, so I was zooming down the highway and when I went to move the turn signal stalk for a lane change, it clicked with some resistance and then moved. I thought, "well, that's odd" and then realized that it had been stuck in the left turn position for a while from when I merged onto the highway.

So I have now become the old guy driving his Cadillac down the highway with the blinker on. I'm not sure for how long, but it was at least a mile. To make matters worse, I did it again later in the trip! OMG.

Of course, it's the car's fault, it has too much road noise and the clicker is too quiet. It can't be me. LOL

Now I need to get a hat.

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Having not driven a 5BW yet, are these cars really that loud on the road? I haven't seen any car reviewers mention it before?
Having not driven a 5BW yet, are these cars really that loud on the road? I haven't seen any car reviewers mention it before?
If it's similar to the 4BW, then yes there's noticeable road noise at highway speeds. It's from the wider tires and over time you get used to it sadly.
My wife and I have commented on how quiet the 5BW turn signal is. It's nearly impossible to hear even if you're listening to music at a reasonable level. My '17 CTSV had a warning that would flash on the screen that the turn signal was still on, guess the new ones don't have that!
My Dodge Challenger has an alarm that sounds if you leave your blinker on too long. My 1967 Cadillac has the blinkers mounted on the tops of the front fenders. You can't help but notice. They should bring back those fender blinkers for us old farts !


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Or get a Jeep as a second vehicle and when you get in the BW it will be so quiet it will put you to sleep.

I had a Jeep Wrangler with cloth top when I was in college. My roommate, a recently separated US Army paratrooper, claimed that my jeep was louder inside than a C-130! I further remember that Car and Driver magazine, when discussing the ride quality of that era Wrangler described it as a “penalty box.” I used to drive it in one session from central Florida to upstate New York! Those were the days!!
I wrote: "No offense intended for the girls here".

I don't get that part. Am I missing something?

The title of the thread is "I have become that guy" which implicitly excludes the ladies, and some women get justifiably upset when we presume that all car forums are exclusively male. So, I'm sure that there's some old lady here who can relate to my problem. :)

So I was trying to be presumptively apologetic.

And of course, let me also apologize to those who prefer to be gender agnostic, or as I call them, "anything goes". LOL

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