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Warning! "engine hot a/c off"

Warning message to users.


Apr 2, 2013
Philadelphia ,PA
V-Series Cadillac(s)?
2007 Cadillac STS-V
This ain't the first time I got this message on my 07 sts-v ...The last couple days the message appeared on my information display and i notice that the temperature Guage did not move at all staying in the cold mark ...now its running normal as we speak can someone tell me what the issue is and why ?
Engine hot / A/C off

What did you find to fix this. Mine just started doing it

My 07 started with that dash message in December. It seemed like it was related to outside air temperature... cold air. I have since put well over a thousand miles on it (hiway & city) with zero repercussions. Engine RPM is higher, fuel consumption has increased during message times but... zero ill effects otherwise. I am leaning towards an electronic glitch or corroded connection around the thermostat. Does not appear to be affecting the thermostat or coolant cycling however. Will have to check in at a dealership to have code pulled... I see one of you is from Pa & the other Texas while I am in Canada just south of Detroit Mi... any external temperature influence or just plain random? Reminds me, GM Canada will be issuing a warranty recall for 'stumble' on these cars in the near future... soon as they figure out how to fix it. Don't know about the USA but my GM Canada contact has informed me.... We will see what happens I guess.

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