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Black Mirror Caps


FKA: Sticker Boy & CT4-V Blackwing
Feb 17, 2021
V-Series Cadillac(s)?
2023 CT4-V Blackwing Road Atlanta IMSA Track Edition
Is anyone familiar with these? How easy are they to install and remove?
I imagine it is like any other trim piece. You pop it off with a trim tool and pop it back on. That's how it was with my M235I. Super easy
I'm considering adding these too after see them on the configurator. Think its too late to add to the order so I'll just purchase from the dealer or online
I'll do like I did before. I'll probably but a aftermarket one and pop it on myself. Teens to be way cheaper. Bought carbon fiber covers for my BMW and set was like $100 and looked great.
On line is like 1/2 the price as including them in your build. If it’s really that easy to put on and off, I’m thinking about buying 2 sets. 1 set I’ll leave black and 1 set I’ll have wrapped in red to match the calipers.

The part # is 84809694.
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Just noticed that. $115 online from Cadillac and $195 as part of the build
Always seems to be more expensive for the trim pieces in build.

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