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ATS-V Twin-Turbo V-6 Output Cranked Up To 464 HP

Yesterday morning, I met with Rich Bartlett, the Assistant Chief Engineer for the HF V6 at GM and he confirmed that the SAE J1349 "witness test" had been run. The main purpose of my visiting with Rich was a presentation he made to me on the new LGW/LGX engines, one of which, I speculate could be a future V-Sport engine. He mentioned the LF4's rating in a brief sidebar discussion we had, right at the end of our meeting.

In the SAE J1349 test, the LF4 made 464hp@5850rpm and 445 lbs/ft torque@3500rpm.

While that info was released officially last Sunday, 24-Mar, it was not done in a standalone press release. Cadillac simply updated the existing ATS-V information already on its web site which has made the info hard to find.

464-hp...in a car the weight of the ATS which has no speed limiter
Holy Crap!

We need to send BMW M-car guys larger rear view mirrors so they'll for sure see ATS-Vs coming up fast.

Let's think about the value of charge air cooled turbo engines.

6.2L atmospheric Corvette LT1 is 455-hp std or 460-hp w. dual-mode exhaust
3.6L turbo ATS-V LF4 is 464-hp.
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