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2017 Chevy SS sedan manual 8505 miles for sale.


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Jun 24, 2023
Upstate NY
Info/photos found in link below, while i would love to keep it and add a 5BW there are two ss sedans in my household so keeping the one that gets driven and the garage queen is up for sale.
Very nice example. Love all stuff that goes with it. GLWS
Uncovered and loaded in trailer today, still for sale


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I almost bought this exact car when GM had their annual 15% off promotions. Ended up with a ZL1. I wish I could have afforded both.

I've never seen one with low mileage like yours. I hope you get you get your asking price. Not many V8 manuals with decent back seats.
Between when i order my car and took delivery a 15% sale happened and found another color out of state quite far away, thought long and hard but stuck with my order……ended up paying full price no discounts. Between all the stolen, totaled, and higher milage ones adding up i believe the value of low milage examples will maintain and bet within 10 years will rise. Was only 12xxx examples to start 14-17
Price adjusted $60,000
Enclosed trailer delivery ( by me personally) might be possible east of mississippi for a agreed rate.
Mileage is still at 8505, trailered to one car show so far, will drive few hundred miles soon to get the gas through it.

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